Genocide in syria

War crimes and gross violations of international human rights law — including summary execution, arbitrary arrest and detention, unlawful attack, attacking protected objects, and pillaging and destruction of property — have also been committed…The violations and abuses committed by anti-government armed groups did not, however, reach the intensity and scale of those committed by government forces and affiliated militia… Government forces consistently transgressed the fundamental principle of the laws of war that they must, at all times, distinguish between civilian and military objectives.

Opposition groups are deeply divided and many have also committed grave atrocities. Civilian Kurds run for their life in fear of the extreme Islamists, who have declared fatwas religious statements against the killing of Kurds, as they regard them as Kufar. Few of us can join Dr.

But fear has begun to grip even the most resolute residents. By illustrating how difficult these options are, a case can be made for why pursuing the judicial option right now may not be effective in helping Syrian civilians or sustaining international law.

Effect of increased support by Russia and Iran for the Assad regime. Who lives, who dies, who cares. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. The main armed insurgent group, the Free Syrian Army, denied responsibility, saying it would have never targeted a mosque.

Various peace efforts have been tried with the UN now on its third Special Envoy. Haynes is vice president of the Newseum Institute and founding director of the Religious Freedom Center. The United States has only accepted 1, Syrians in the past four years. First, give until it hurts.

President Obama has incorrectly framed the conflict. Weapons and other material support continue to flow in to all sides as the United States and other countries debate further involvement.

Men, women and children, and sometimes fighters barely out of adolescence -- every day Al- Mashtal park in the city becomes the final resting place for new victims of the conflict that has torn Syria apart for over two years.

Genocide in Syria: Who lives, who dies, who cares?

Beyond significant national security concerns and strategic interests, the U. There is still hesitation among Western countries to provide further aid and arms to the rebels.

Syria’s Civil War Has Become a Genocide

We can offer that. They are not dolls to cry over and then move on. Second, speak up for admitting more Syrian refugees and volunteer to help families resettling in the U. A few, thus deceived, stood up, but only to fall this time killed by another volley from the guns of the murderers.

But disagreements among opposition forces over the makeup of a post-Assad transition government raised doubt over their credentials as a viable alternative to the Assad regime. To compound the horror, the Syrian government targets and kills its own citizens based on their ethnic, religious or political background.

The protection of Christians by local Persian civilians is also confirmed in the British report:. Genocide is happening now in Syria. Criteria appear to be met solely, but not exclusively, on Article 2 Section (e) of the Genocide Convention which focuses on children. The US has declared that Islamic State is committing genocide against Christians and other minorities, amid mounting global pressure to recognise atrocities committed in Iraq and Syria as a.

Genocide Watch is the Coordinator of Alliance Against Genocide. Founded inthe Alliance is made up of over 50 organizations from around the world and was the first coalition of organizations focused completely on preventing genocide. In addition, Syrian Kurds, an ethnic minority in the north, have taken large swaths of territory from both Assad’s forces and those of ISIL, in what some suspect is an attempt to secure an independent Kurdistan in northern Syria.

International efforts to quell the violence began with an Arab League observer mission sent to Syria in late but failed to end the bloodshed.

Genocide Watch

China and Russia have vetoed four UN Security Council resolutions on Syria aimed at stemming the violence. The US has declared that Islamic State is committing genocide against Christians and other minorities, amid mounting global pressure to recognise atrocities committed in Iraq and Syria as a.

Genocide in syria
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