Drivers ed module 3and 4

We suspect that this was from the car having sports suspension unbeknown to us when we bought the car and the radiator had been damaged by speed bumps or similar. It test drove fine but within a few hours there was a slight judder from the gearbox.

There is the ECU to think about aswell. PRNDS flashes every other day but clears up. I am to late as i have got my car fixed else where, but could any one help my friend as he is going through the same problems as me.

Great engine but the worst gearbox ever and AUDI knows about it but does not realize once bitten twice shy. The car is now 7 years old and yesterday I was told by the Audi dealer that the multitronic box had gone and it would cost euros to fix. I also have the dead zone when accelerating fast from a stand still.

Comes with 2 yr warranty as well. The lights then come off but will come up again and there was complete loss of power once.

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Rafhael - January 25th, Hi guys, i have an audi 1. The box was reconditioned with a seven plate clutch approx miles ago.

Should buy a quattro or manual Even after replacing ecustill nervous of when something else might fail. But if its fixed I am going to out it pay off the finance and drive an old banger till my bank balance recovers — good luck to all those on here who have multitronics — when they are good they are great, when they go bad — oh mamma mia!!.

Drivers Education Module 3

I decided to shop around for a refurbished gearbox. There are 3 x 13mm AF nuts which hold the gearshift support bracket and then about torx bolts which hold the rear cover on. If hes says hes fitting a brandnew ECU then hes a miracle man coz they retail over on their own.

The car has full service history with the same problems as mine. Burnsy - June 21st, I have a Audi A4 2 ltr Petrol Multitronic, I have had slight problems with the car on and off, but generally the car has been great, there is now 65, miles on the clock.

The car only showed 56k miles with apparently Full Audi Service History. Welcome to Pcom, the place dedicated to that DTC (diagnostic trouble code) PThe P code is a very popular one and that's why there's a site dedicated to that specific trouble code.

Site dedicated to drivers experiencing problems with their Audi MultiTronic or Automatic Gearboxes. If you are experiencing issues, join the discussion with hundreds of other drivers experiencing problems from around the World.

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